An episode of the world-famous Russian animated series “Masha and the Bear” in the new season is dedicated to Azerbaijan, the heroine of the cartoon tells her toys the fairy tale Malikmammad (in a more modern version), Report informs.

“Far, far away there is a country called Azerbaijan. Kind, cheerful and hardworking people live in this country. They told me how a long time ago a padishah (emperor) reigned in those lands,” the heroine of the series begins her story, which also mentions the heroes of Azerbaijani fairy tales – Goychak Fatma, Tapagoz, Simurg qushu (bird).

Azerbaijani national patterns, papakha shah (Bukhara), national clothes of prince Malikmammad and his bride Goychak Fatma, as well as pearls of national cuisine lying on Masha’s table – shakarbura, baklava, and gogal, tea in a pear-shaped glass, fruits inherent of the region – pomegranate, grapes, pear – adds a special flavor to the cartoon.

One of the most interesting moments of the tale is the fall of Malikmammad into the well. There, in a pear orchard, he meets Goychak Fatma, who sings the ancient Azerbaijani folk song Sari Galin on the kamancha (violin).

The new series of “Masha and the Bear” dedicated to Azerbaijan can be viewed on the cartoon’s official YouTube channel.