Maria Isabella Saliga-Lutovika, a member of the Parliament of New Caledonia, the head of the political organization Progressive Multicultural New Caledonia, addressed a letter to French President Emmanuel Macron, protesting his visit to New Caledonia, Report informs.

The letter stated that Macron’s illegal decision on the expansion of the electoral mass has caused anger among the Kanak people, and French high-ranking officials treat the Kanak people’s rightful demand for decolonization with contempt and arrogance. This approach emphasizes that France wants to maintain the colonial status quo of New Caledonia.

Maria Isabella noted that although Macron thinks he will go down in French history as the president who constitutionalized the recolonization of New Caledonia but Caledonians will not agree that their destiny is the victim of an exaggerated and strange ego political game.

She said that France and especially Macron are responsible for the tragedy in New Caledonia, in particular the murdered Kanaks.

Ms. Saliga-Lutovika emphasized that young Kanaks were killed by militias organized with the support of the French government, and those militias were supported by French law enforcement agencies and noted that these militias have opened the way for racial enmity in the country.

Stating that the “Collective of Victims of May 2024 Riots in New Caledonia” has been created for Kanaks who have suffered as a result of the current tragedy, the MP emphasized that compensation will be demanded from the French State.