“Provocations on the Azerbaijani-Georgian border were organized by the third forces seeking to undermine relations between the two countries,” chairman of the National Congress of Georgian Azerbaijanis (NCGA) Ali Babayev told Report’s local bureau commenting on the recent incident in Keshishchidag monastery complex.

He said there are certain political forces and groups in Georgia that do not want close partner relations with Azerbaijan: “They fulfill some instructions of the Armenian side.”

Babayev said that the Georgian Patriots Alliance Party is especially active in this issue: “The incident on the border was highlighted by the party’s Objective TV channel. This party has been carrying out the anti-Azerbaijani and anti-Turkish campaign among the Georgian public.”

The NCGA chairman accused archimandrite Oniani of provocations: “Oniani organized the crossing of a group of persons to the Azerbaijani side through violation of the border. It is under a big question that the Georgian border guards allowed a group of citizens to cross to the territory controlled by Azerbaijan. They should not tolerate such a breach.”

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Babayev noted that as yet there had never been problems between the two friendly countries, strategic partners – Georgia and Azerbaijan.