German Chancellor Olaf Scholz has delivered a statement to the German parliament ahead of an EU summit on the war in Ukraine. Scholz described the war in Ukraine as the greatest crisis facing the EU in its history, according to the German media. 

Scholz called the war in Ukraine the greatest crisis facing the EU in its history. But said that European solidarity was the counterweight to autocracy in Vladimir Putin’s Russia.

“Peace is only something we can take for granted if we are prepared to defend it. This is the lesson that we have learned from the brutal Russian attack on Ukraine.”

Scholz described the Ukraine war as a “turning point in history.” He said that EU member states would, as in other crises, confront it with solidarity.

“The greater the pressure from the outside, the more we join forces as the European Union and act together.”

“We all share one goal, Russia must not win this war, Ukraine must prevail,” Scholz said.

This is why, he explained, Germany has been supporting Ukraine with aid and even heavy weapons, as well as taking in Ukrainian refugees.

“A brutally attacked country needs help in defending itself and doing so cannot be termed escalation.”