Armenia’s decision to ratify the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court (ICC) once again proves that an alliance with Armenia is unbeneficial for Russia, Russian political scientist Alexei Naumov told Report.

According to Naumov, with this decision, Yerevan, as usual, simply decided to try to punish Azerbaijan in every possible way and put pressure on it, while not having any promising leverage, neither economic nor even military.

“Recently, Yerevan has started extending a thousand hands to a thousand different partners, so that someone would support a position that is overshadowed by the unwillingness to fulfill the obligations assumed under the tripartite agreements. And here, as often happens in comedy films, there was no luck. Of course, the issue of the ICC in Armenian-Russian relations raises bewilderment and questions. It is comical that a decision that initially had nothing to do with Russia raises questions for many Russians today. They wonder why Russia’s ally in the South Caucasus does not think at all about the informational consequences of his step,” Naumov said.