Due to the lack of trust in social networks, there is a tendency to return to printed production globally, Namig Mayilov, editor-in-chief of Region Plus magazine, said at a meeting with students of the Report Media School.

“We need to understand the difference between information shared on a social network and news posted by a news agency. The agency never shares unspecified news. Otherwise, its image will be damaged. The print media works in the same way, you can’t delete anything from an article published in a magazine. Region Plus magazine is no exception; each material is checked several times,” editor-in-chief added.

Mayilov said that significant work was done in the editorial office to publish a magazine of quality:

“The internal ‘kitchen’ of the magazine is quite complex. The editor initially reviews articles sent by authors. The secretary in charge of the whole process controls it. Their work is very hard. In the next stage, the reports are compiled by a literary editor. Then the proofreader reads the materials and makes corrections. After creating the layout of the magazine, the proofreader should reread the articles. Even small things like photo quality and editing take a lot of time. The most interesting part is related to the magazine’s publication because if it is not published on time, there will be a delay. The drying of colors also takes time.”

Namig Mayilov has been the editor-in-chief of Region Plus magazine since 2006. Prior to that, he worked for Turan News Agency and ATV channel.