Sweden’s Royal Academy of Sciences appeared to have inadvertently published names of three scientists it said had won this year’s Nobel Prize in chemistry, although the award-giving institute said the decision was still hours away, Report informs via Reuters.

Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet published a copy of an email its said was from the academy naming the laureates as Moungi G. Bawendi, Louis E. Brus and Alexei I. Ekimov.

“The Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2023 rewards the discovery and development of quantum dots, nanoparticles that are so small that their size determines their properties,” Dagens Nyheter (DN), another Swedish daily, quoted an email from the academy as saying.

But Johan Aqvist, chair of the academy’s Nobel committee for chemistry, told Reuters: “It is a mistake by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Our meeting starts at 09:30 CET (07:30 GMT) so no decision has been made yet. The winners have not been selected.”

The announcement of this year’s Nobel prize for chemistry is due at 11:45 CET (09:45 GMT).

Nanoparticles and quantum dots are used in LED-lights and TV-screens and can also be used to guide surgeons while removing cancer tissue, among other things, according to the statement.

Bawendi is a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Brus is professor emeritus at Columbia University and Ekimov works for Nanocrystals Technology Inc.

Brus started his scientific career on a US Navy scholarship where he studied at Rice and Columbia University. In 1972 he was hired by AT&T Bell Labs where he spent 23 years, devoting much of the time to studying nanocrystals.

Bawendi was born in Paris and grew up in France, Tunisia, and the U.S. Bawendi did his postdoctoral research at Bell Laboratories under Brus. Bawendi joined MIT in 1990 and became professor in 1996.

Ekimov was born in the Soviet Union and studied at the Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute. He later worked for the Vavilov State Optical Institute before moving to the US In 1999, Ekimov was named chief scientist at Nanocrystals Technology Inc.