Azerbaijan provides assistance to Ukraine at all levels. Moreover, Azerbaijan draws the right conclusions from this war, said Mykhailo Podolyak, the Adviser to the Head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, in his interview with the Eastern Bureau of Report.

He said that in the 21st century, people all over the world, as well as in Azerbaijan, understand that freedom is achieved by shedding blood:

“We know that the Azerbaijani society supports our steps. If a great empire is coming towards you, a great country trying to force you to kneel down, and you say you will never kneel, that is important. This is a crucial behavior in today’s world, when many people turn their backs on problems, refuse to solve them, and take responsibility. It is necessary to distinguish between foreign policy and the internal situation of society.”

Podolyak stressed that he has no doubt that Azerbaijan is on Ukraine’s side:

“It is clear what will happen if Ukraine does not win the war. Another issue is the government’s position. The position of the government can be determined based on many factors. There are both internal and external factors. Accordingly, we understand that governments often struggle to articulate their position unequivocally. It includes economic, business, and financial issues. Nevertheless, we believe Azerbaijan takes a fair position on this conflict with our other partners, especially Turkiye. We would like to see more military assistance from various countries, implementation of public support within the information campaigns, stricter attitude toward what Russia is doing at the official level. But we understand that different governments cannot do so for various reasons.”