Mines not only pose hidden threats to people’s lives but also hinder sustainable development, Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources, COP29 President Mukhtar Babayev said in a video address to the participants of the 3rd international conference on Mitigating Environmental Impact of Landmines: Resource Mobilization for Safe and Green Future in Zangilan.

“Our goal is to create a green energy zone in the liberated territories. By restoring ecosystems and reintroducing sustainable methods, we aim to turn these lands into green zones. We are using innovative technologies and approaches, such as ‘smart cities’ and ‘smart villages’, to ensure minimal emissions,” he said.

According to Babayev, the concept of a “green energy zone” applied in the region will also directly contribute to achieving the “net zero” targets.

“Solving this problem is a national priority not only for Azerbaijan. It is a global issue. That is why international cooperation and resource mobilization are equally important. We call on the international community and development partners to join us in this mission,” he said.

Babayev noted that Azerbaijan maintains long-standing partnerships with the United Nations Development Program and other international organizations: “This has played an important role in our activities and environmental initiatives.”