“The fact that the peacekeepers in Karabakh created the conditions for the illegal transportation of weapons by Armenians shows that Russia and Armenia are preparing for war,” Jeyhun Mammadov, a member of the Milli Majlis, told Report.

Mammadov noted that the peacekeepers, as their name suggests, should strive to ensure stability in the region: “The transport of weapons shows that they want to increase the current tension and interfere with the peace process. Of course, this is unacceptable. Also because such a step by the Russian military also contradicts the tripartite statement signed by the leaders of Azerbaijan, Russia and Armenia in 2020.”

According to the MP, the peacekeepers openly became accomplices of the terrorists: “This is evidence of an insidious policy. The peacekeepers play a role in the provocations of the separatists against Azerbaijan. It seems that cooperation has been established between them.”

Transportation of military cargo for illegal Armenian formations continues. On March 24, the movement of a convoy carrying out illegal military transportation along the Khankandi-Khalfali-Turshsu route was once again detected.

The movement of 1 BTR-82A combat vehicle belonging to the Russian peacekeeping contingent, 3 Armenian KamAZ awnings and a KamAZ vehicle with a fuel tank was recorded by Azerbaijani Army’s technical surveillance means.