“French President and Parliament, don’t overstep your bounds!” Ziyafat Asgarov, Chairman of the Milli Majlis Committee (parliament) for Defense, Security, and Anti-Corruption of Azerbaijan, said in his speech at the plenary session held on December 2, Report informs.

He noted that France has always been hypocritical: “When I read the text of the resolution, I noticed that the text is copied. For thirty years, Armenians destroyed everything in the occupied territories. What Armenian monument is there in Karabakh? They talk about security. We had 1 million refugees and displaced persons in thirty years. Why didn’t they raise a voice about the refugees’ rights? Is this your democracy?!

Asgarov added that France has established five republics so far, but it has not been able to improve its interior: ” Again hostility, Islamophobia, Turkophobia, anti-Semitism. Why don’t you let the peace talks between Armenia and Azerbaijan continue? What is your purpose? Look at your own history. They accuse Azerbaijan of destroying the historical monument. It’s all slander and lies. They occupied 50 countries from Vietnam to Africa. France officially forces 14 African countries to pay taxes to their national budgets. Is this justice? Do not overstep your bounds, French President and Parliament. Karabakh is Azerbaijan!”