The arrival of the famous Turkish LIV Medical Group in Azerbaijan is commendable, Rashad Mahmudov, a well-known surgeon and MP, told Report.

According to him, the arrival of the medical network in Azerbaijan will give impetus to health care reforms in the country:

“Because when we look at the experience of the health history of brotherly Turkiye and the world, it is a source of enthusiasm for both private and public hospitals. State-owned medical institutions are able to increase the level of health care in the country by adapting to the pace of innovation in private clinics and developing faster. As a doctor and an MP, I appreciate this step. The appearance of the international experience of the LIV Medical Group in Azerbaijan creates new opportunities for people suffering from various diseases. This step also means a boost to Azerbaijan’s health.”

The MP said that the coming of an internationally recognized medical network in Azerbaijan would cause other well-known hospital networks in Europe and the world to show interest in working in Azerbaijan in the future:

“As a result of all this, it will be possible to achieve further development of healthcare in Azerbaijan.”

Notably, Azerbaijan’s Bona Dea International Hospital and Turkiye’s LIV Medical Group have signed an agreement on mutual cooperation. According to the terms of the agreement, the world-famous Turkish network will also participate in the management of Bona Dea International Hospital.