“Immediately after the liberation of the Khudafarin Bridge, President Ilham Aliyev called it a bridge of friendship. This clearly showed how much Azerbaijan attaches importance to relations with Iran. However, in return, the Iranian side always showed “respect” for the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan but in practice did the opposite,” MP Nurlan Hasanov told Report.

According to him, this was the beginning of Iran’s political insincerity: “Azerbaijan has reacted to this insincerity by protesting against the transportation of Iranian cars to Karabakh. When there were no results, Azerbaijan took adequate measures, and the results are obvious. The recent ban by Iran on the illegal entry of trucks belonging to Iranian companies into Azerbaijani territory may be the first step in returning relations to normal.”

The MP stressed that the Azerbaijani side was not to blame for reaching this point:

“Azerbaijan’s goal is clear – to preserve its territorial integrity and peace. Iran could understand this. It is now more apparent that with the 44-day war, Azerbaijan liberated its lands from occupation and won a diplomatic and political victory not only against Armenia but in the whole region. It was not so easy.