Nearly two weeks after President Biden announced a sweeping executive order aimed at reducing migrant arrivals on the southern border, the latest Fox News national survey finds a majority of voters approve of restricting the number of asylum seekers entering the US — and like the idea even more when Biden’s name is not attached to the plan, Report informs referring to Fox News.

In addition, Biden’s approval rating on immigration has crept up 5 points since March and now stands at the highest it has been in a year, while former President Trump’s edge on handling the issue is down, leading to a tight race between the two veteran candidates.

The poll, released on June 20, features a split-sample test of support for the policy of restricting the number of migrants allowed to enter the country via asylum claims. Half of voters were asked how they feel about Biden’s executive order implementing this policy and nearly 6 in 10 (57%) approve of the action while about 4 in 10 disapprove (38%).

The other half were asked about the proposal without Biden’s name attached or mention of an executive order. In this scenario, approval jumps to 66% with just 3 in 10 (29%) disapproving. So, while voters approve of Biden’s plan by almost 20 points, support increases to 37 points when he’s not associated with it.

There are differences by party, gender, age and race depending on how the question is asked. Men, White voters, voters ages 45 and over, and Republicans are all more likely to favor restricting the number of asylees when Biden’s name is not mentioned, while suburban women, non-White voters and Democrats are all more likely to favor the plan when he is attached. Voters under age 45 feel about the same whether the president is referred to or not.