Russia will introduce Moscow’s controversial facial recognition camera system to 10 other cities around the country. The installation cost in each municipality is estimated to be between 100-110 million rubles ($1.2-$1.4mn).

According to newspaper Kommersant, Russian company NtechLab, a partner of Moscow’s IT Department, is launching pilot projects in 10 of the country’s regional centers. For example, it will install 3,000 cameras in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia’s sixth biggest city. The company refused to name the other nine, in order not to disrupt future negotiations.

In Nizhny Novgorod, cameras will be installed at bus stops, public spaces, and building intercoms. Located in European Russia, the city is about 400km east of Moscow, and less than a four-hour train ride away.

“Some of them will begin working before the end of 2020,” Alexander Kabakov, co-founder of NtechLab, said. “More than 350 bus stops will have four cameras, and two or three of them will have a face recognition function.”

In the future, the tech will be use to predict congestion and flow of public transport. (RT)