The US is trying to trick Russia into negotiating purely for its own benefit, President Vladimir Putin has claimed FILE PHOTO. Artwork depicting space warfare. © Getty Images / MARK GARLICK; SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY

Claims that Russia is planning to deploy nuclear weapons in space are merely an attempt by Washington to push Moscow into negotiations on US terms, President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday.

Delivering his annual address to the Federal Assembly, Russia’s national legislature, Putin insisted that statements by American officials about their supposed willingness to reach an agreement with Moscow on nuclear weapons controls are nothing but “demagogy” ahead of the US presidential election.

Putin noted that Russia offered the US a draft treaty on preventing the deployment of nuclear weapons in space back in 2008, but that Washington has blocked the proposal ever since.

“They want to show their citizens that they still rule the world. The US will only hold talks with Russia on issues where it is beneficial for America to find an agreement. On issues that are not profitable for them, they will say there is ‘nothing to discuss’ … and will try to inflict a defeat on [Moscow],” Putin stated.

The president stressed that this approach is unacceptable, and that any discussions about global stability can only be held if Russia’s national interests and security are taken into account.

“Russia is ready for dialogue with the US on issues of strategic stability. But… we are dealing with a country whose leaders are openly taking hostile actions against us,” Putin said. He questioned how Washington can expect to discuss global stability with Moscow while simultaneously trying to inflict a strategic defeat against Russia on the battlefield. (RT)