Access to the Leuseni-Albita border checkpoint on the Moldovan-Romanian border has been restored, and traffic is flowing normally, the Moldovan border police announced, Report informs referring to Voice of Europe.

Farmers’ protests began on February 8 in southern regions of Moldova. Starting from February 10, farmers from other districts joined the protests, and from February 12 to 16, protesters blocked the customs office in Leuseni on the border with Romania using tractors.

Moldovan Prime Minister Dorin Rechan stated during a meeting with farmers on February 20 that every grain producer will be able to obtain an urgent loan of up to $28,000 guaranteed by the state by March 1. On Wednesday, discussions between farmers and the Minister of Agriculture were supposed to continue but did not take place. On Thursday, farmers resumed their protest by blocking the road.

In January, Moldovan agricultural producers demanded that the authorities prohibit the transit of grain and oilseeds from Ukraine by road and allow only railway transportation. Farmers complain about long lines of trucks at the Moldovan-Romanian border checkpoints, most of which are transit from Ukraine, resulting in significant financial losses for farmers.