“Conflicts in OSCE countries need to be resolved through confidence-building measures,” OSCE Chairman-in-Office Miroslav Lajčák said at the OSCE Ministerial Council in Bratislava (Slovakia).

“If we want to prevent and resolve conflicts, we need to start from the very beginning – from confidence-building and security measures to conventional arms control. These are not relics of the Cold War, even 44 years after Helsinki (act – ed.) they remain important for the safe landscape. We need to be sure that these measures were within the framework of the structural dialogue and modernization of the Vienna document, ” Lajčák said.

According to him, to ensure a secure future, it is necessary to strengthen cybersecurity measures, pay more attention to energy and digitalization, attract young people, jointly counter extremism and terrorism in the region.

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He pointed out that effective multilateralism can help resolve conflicts.

“Cooperation and active dialogue can prevent conflicts and create opportunities,” the OSCE Chairman added.