Armenian armed forces continues shelling Azerbaijani settlements with high population density, civil facilities, including private and apartment buildings, households, using heavy artillery and violating the international humanitarian law norms and principles rudely. Consequently demolitions and fires occur in the civil facilities, civil population and state property are seriously damaged.

As the result of a shell fired to Jojug Marjanli village of Jabrayil region, fire occurred in “OBA” store. Thanks to the quick measures, a part of the store was protected from fire.

The agricultural land in Garadolag village of Agjabadi region was partially burnt, and the fire was prevented from spreading to a wider area. As a result of shelling on a farm in the village of Arazbar, Agjabadi region part of the farm facility burnt, and the rest was protected from fire. 

Note that, the Ministry of Emergency Situations operates in enhanced mode to immediately eliminate the damages and fires caused to various facilities, including civil facilities and private and apartment buildings, infrastructure facilities by the hostile’s artillery shelling.