The Baku process, which was laid out by the President of Azerbaijan, is implemented in various formats, Report says, citing Azerbaijani Minister of Culture Abulfas Garayev. The Minister spoke at the round table “Intercultural dialogue – the basis of dialogue among peoples” held in Baku as part of the conference “Baku-Moscow: Dialogue of Cultures.”

The Minister noted that Baku would host the next Humanitarian Forum this autumn. “And to prepare for it, we organized this dialogue of cultures with Russia. The first such dialogue of cultures between the two capitals,” the Minister of Culture said.

A broad representative delegation of about 150 people arrived from Russia to attend the forum in Azerbaijan.

Garayev noted that the basis for the work in preparation for the upcoming Autumn Humanitarian Forum would be laid as part of the Baku-hosted conference.

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“This conference will allow us to establish and expand ties between our experts, artists, scientists and public figures,” the Minister said.