“At present, the unified management of the creative industry in Azerbaijan is not considered by public. It is necessary to bring in new thinking and stimulate this work,” Minister of Culture Abulfas Garayev said.

Report informs that, according to him, the concept of a creative industry on a global scale has united a very large number of people over the past 10 years and made a valuable contribution to the development of society by inviting people to new places and ideas.

The minister noted that Azerbaijan is no exception in this area: “In recent years, renovation and reconstruction have been implemented, new jobs have been opened in every region, cities and regions of the country.

Garayev said that this year, Baku was included in the list of UNESCO’s Creative Cities: “Baku should be renowned for its long-standing creative city by its design and prove to the international community that this is a worthy island. “We must work in this direction. Both government and industry representatives and citizens should take an active part in this process.”