One of the most challenging tasks facing Azerbaijan in the restoration of its liberated territories is the demining of all landmines, former US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Matthew Bryza said, according to Trend.

“Getting rid of all the mines without knowing their locations, without having maps, might take 50 years. So, the task, in my view, is to create new cities, ensure the safe return of people to their former places of residence, demine these areas, and restore a secure environment after removing all the mines. It’s a significant challenge,” said Bryza.

He noted that implementing all these plans is quite challenging as multiple processes are happening simultaneously.

“While former IDPs are returning to their native lands, the construction of road and municipal infrastructure continues. And then you need to create good living conditions. Grocery stores, schools, hospitals, dining facilities – all of this needs to be built simultaneously with the return of people, which can pose coordination challenges,” he added.

On December 5, high-ranking state officials, foreign analysts, and members of international think tanks arrived in Zangilan.

Made up of 60 persons from 30 different countries, they will take part in a conference called “Karabakh: Homecoming after 30 Years: Achievements and Challenges”.