Azerbaijan is successfully conducting a systematic operation to liberate its territories.

Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin told in an exclusive interview with the Russian Bureau Report.

He noted that the technical and organizational superiority of the Azerbaijani army and the internal crisis in Armenia itself began to affect from a specific moment.

“It allowed Azerbaijan to confidently liberate the territories under the control of Armenia for 28 years. I assess it as the result of the great work carried out in recent years by Azerbaijan’s political and military leadership. In this case, the efforts of the country have borne fruit. I pay tribute to the Azerbaijani army, which fulfills the tasks set for itself. Azerbaijan has created a very effective regional army, which allows it to solve the main task facing it now- the restoration of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan,” he stated.

The expert is sure that Azerbaijan has already achieved a solution to the Nagorno-Karabakh problem.