Former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson has released a self-titled dance track, complete with a bizarre music video, which he will walk out to when he fights Roy Jones Jr. on November 28.

The 54-year-old collaborated with indie electronic music husband-and-wife duo Tiki Lau on the eponymous track, ‘Mike Tyson’.

The one minute, 45-second video for the song dropped on Thursday.

In it, Tyson can be seen fighting a muscular shark, sipping from a coconut and finally punching a sea creature that resembles the Loch Ness monster into space.

In the song, the boxer boasts: “I’ve been the wildest, I’ve been the craziest, I’ve been the outrageous. The vicious, the most destructive fighter who ever lived.

“An international star, a warlord to strip your heart out. And guess what? I’m Mike Tyson.”

The hook “I’m Mike Tyson” is repeated throughout the song, while at one point the American references the incident in which he infamously bit Evander Holyfield’s ear: “Lend me your ears, or I will eat them all.”

Asked about the song, Tiki Lau said: “In the process of making this song, every day we would wake up and think, ‘What would Mike Tyson do?’

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“We knew that we needed to make a song that was so dope, Mike Tyson would wanna knock someone out to it.

“We are humbled to be the ones behind his walkout song for his official comeback fight on November 28th, a part of sports history.”

On the origin of the song, the duo added: “Our multi-platinum Grammy-winning and legendary Tiki Lau team member Damon Elliott was in the studio with Mike Tyson and had him record the vocals then sent them over to us. Damon is like the DJ Khaled of our group.

“They knew we were ready to deliver, and we did. You can’t help but get super pumped up when listening to this song.” (RT)