Southern Caucasus is part of the EU’s neighborhood, and it is a natural interest of the EU, as well as its partners in the region, to achieve stability, strengthen security, and see a prosperous region in the future, the head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Azerbaijan, Ambassador Peter Michalko said in an interview with Report.

“The involvement of the President of the European Council Charles Michel (in meetings between the leaders of Azerbaijan and Armenia) is a natural expression of not only the interest but also the will to contribute to the peaceful, secure, and prosperous Caucasus,” Michalko said.

The ambassador added that certain progress was achieved thanks to the meetings mediated by European Council President Charles Michel in December last year and several meetings this year.

“The agenda that has been agreed by the two sides, who follow with talks on a future peace agreement, is an important point as well as set up of a joint commission for delimitation and demarcation of the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia, as well as for transport connections and other issues,” he said.

He noted that the EU is ready to continue these efforts and steps needed to support peace and security in South Caucasus with its involvement and support for demining.

“Our effort also continues with the intensive work of the EU Special Representative in South Caucasus Toivo Klaar,” Peter Michalko added.