The European Union and Azerbaijan are building strong partnerships, and the AZTAF (Azerbaijan Rapid Technical Assistance Facility) program is proof of this, head of the European Union (EU) Delegation to Azerbaijan, Ambassador Peter Michalko said at the annual meeting to review the progress of the program, Report informs.

“AZTAF is one way we can work together [with the Azerbaijani government] to high international standards,” he said, adding that AZTAF is a tool for such cooperation.

During the pandemic, the EU and Azerbaijan have identified several strategic areas of cooperation and long-term goals to strengthen economic relations, Michalko said.

Michalko also stressed that the AZTAF program is aimed at supporting economic development, energy efficiency, mobility, etc.

“This program helps to achieve the goals of the government and has many beneficiaries, such as various ministries and agencies under them. But the main beneficiaries of AZTAF are the citizens of the country,” he added.