Azerbaijan is determined to prevent illegal activities of Armenia on its territory, Spokesperson for Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry Aykhan Hajizada said in response to the remarks by Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan during a governmental meeting.

Hajizada said it is unacceptable that Pashinyan assessed as an occupation the appropriate control measures taken by Azerbaijani army units’ without using any force in order to prevent the use of Armenia’s dirt roads for illegal activities in the north of the Lachin road, which are the sovereign territories of Azerbaijan, prevent further escalation of the situation by transporting weapons and ammunition to the territories of Azerbaijan, and the intention of Armenia to commit potential provocations.

“Prevention of the illegal activities of Armenia, which intensify the transportation of manpower, ammunition, mines, as well as other military equipment for the Armenian armed forces in the territory of Azerbaijan, where the Russian peacekeeping contingent is temporarily stationed, is the sovereign right of Azerbaijan, and Azerbaijan is determined to implement all necessary measures in this direction. In addition, it isn’t understandable that the information about taking control of several commanding heights, main and auxiliary roads, as well as large areas along the border, located between the villages of Jaghazur and Zabukh of the Lachin district, in connection with the commissioning of the new Lachin road, was met with tension by Armenia, and the Prime Minister commented on this information during his speech,” the spokesman added.