Azerbaijan assesses the US Senate resolution as a biased document that has no legal justification, Azerbaijan’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Leyla Abdullayeva said, commenting on the adoption of a resolution by the US Senate recognizing the so-called “Armenian genocide”, according to Trend.

Abdullayeva noted that this is an attempt to falsify history and use it as a means of political pressure.

“The reference to doubtful, from the scientific, historical point of view, sources in the text of the resolution proves that the document wasn’t prepared on a professional level and serves the dirty purposes of Armenian lobbying circles,” the spokesperson said.

Abdullayeva added that history should be investigated by historians based on the principle of objectivity.

In an attempt to assess the events that allegedly occurred over a century ago, the US Senate remains silent about Armenia’s ongoing military aggression against Azerbaijan, the bloody ethnic cleansing of more than a million Azerbaijanis carried out in the occupied territories, their existence as internally displaced persons, as well as the Khojaly genocide, thereby demonstrating a policy of double standards, the spokesperson said.

“We assess this resolution as a biased document that doesn’t have any legal justification,” added Abdullayeva.