The Armenian media itself revealed thet fact about Armenia’s use of mercenaries.

Armenia’s former famous mountaineer Arsen Harutyunyan is currently taking part in the fighting in Karabakh. Arsen, a participant in the Winter Olympics and living in the United States for many years, is one of the most popular coaches in America. He trains professional mountain skiers.

“Arsen came to Armenia when the war started. He joined the army to support 18-19-year-old soldiers in the frontline. Although athletes like Arsen were not appreciated in Armenia, he was not offended by his country and came to Karabakh in our most difficult days. Following Arsen’s gesture, many people from the United States, Russia and other countries joined the Armenian Army to take part in military operations in Karabakh. We would like many people to return to the country now, ” the Armenian media said.