Today, the Baku Court of Appeal will hold the trial on the criminal case of Astanyan Yeqis Oganesovich, Aramyan Karen Armenovic, Avakian Tigran Manikovic, Gevorgyan Grigor Qevorqiyevic, Manukyan Hovsep Robertovich, Martirosyan Qevorg Samvelovic, Gevorgyan Robert Ovikovic, Avetisyan Vaqarsaq Asotovic, Akopyan Volodya Qaqikovic, Sukiasyan Andranik Srapovic, Manukyan, Andranik Tigranovich, Sagatelyan Grigor Seyranovic, and Giraqusyan Edward Armenovich, who fought as part of a terrorist armed group of Armenian citizens.

According to Report, the documents will be examined at the trial to be chaired by Baku Grave Crimes Court Judge Faig Ganiyev.

The formation members were rendered harmless in the anti-terrorist raid conducted by the State Security Service (SSS) on December 13, 2020, after announcing a ceasefire agreed upon by Azerbaijan, Russia, and Armenia trilateral statement made on November 10, 2020. The preliminary investigation into the criminal case against them, initiated by the Investigation Department of the SSS, has been completed.

Members of the illegal armed formation illegally entered the Azerbaijani territory, took a position in the forests in the Khojavand region’s Hadrut village, and committed terrorist, subversive, and other criminal actions against the Azerbaijani military personnel and civilians. The members of these armed formations illegally crossed Azerbaijan’s state border on November 26-27, 2020. As an organized group, they took up combat positions in the forest and other areas in the north-western part of the Khojavand region’s Hadrut village. They attacked enterprises, institutions, and organizations, or individuals, organized explosions, committed arsons, or other terrorist acts posing a threat to the life and health of people, capable of causing significant property damage or leading to other socially dangerous consequences, intending to disrupt public safety, sowing panic among the population or influencing decision-making by the state authorities of Azerbaijan or international organizations.

“Earlier, the public was informed that the investigation of the criminal case against 14 members, and then 13 members of this armed group, was completed and, together with the approved indictment, was sent to the court for consideration.