“The biased resolution adopted by the European Parliament (EP) against Azerbaijan has no force and no recognition. That resolution is invalid,” Kamil Aydin, the deputy chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), member of the Grand National Assembly, and member of the Turkish delegation to the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE), told Report’s Ankara bureau.

He emphasized that as a member of the Turkish delegation, he has always raised the problems of Azerbaijan along with his country at the meetings of the OSCE PA, the PACE, and the NATO PA.

The MP noted that since the European Parliament, which has 705 members, is mainly composed of pro-Armenian people, he has never witnessed a positive decision from this institution regarding the Turkic and Islamic world: “I was not surprised by the decision of the European Parliament. Because such a step was expected to be taken from this institution, the majority of which is pro-Armenian. All the decisions made by the European Parliament so far are anti-Turkism. The resolution they put forward from the point of view of Armenia-Azerbaijani relations a few days ago is obviously meaningless and nonsense. Therefore, this resolution has no force and no recognition, it is invalid.”