At the initiative of the Virtual Azerbaijan Group of Companies, the Space Agency under the Ministry of Digital Development and Transport (Azercosmos) held a meeting with the French company BRL Ingénierie on the assessment of water resources, Report informs, citing the Agency.

BRL Ingénierie is an international consulting company specializing in regional water, environment, land use management, and engineering services. The meeting was dedicated to the use of modern technologies in the identification and assessment of water resources, groundwater and surface water in Azerbaijan. At the meeting, proposals were made on a comprehensive assessment of water resources in our country using effective methods, such as images of the Azersky satellite, in contrast to traditional methods.

It is possible to determine the location of water resources with 80-95% accuracy by using Azersky satellite imagery, modern analysis and monitoring tools. This, in turn, creates opportunities for the efficient use of water resources.