Sudan, following a number of other Islamic countries, has decided to join the so-called Abraham Accords to establish diplomatic relations with Israel, Report informs referring to The Times of Israel.

The Abraham Accords were signed in 2020 between Israel and the Arab countries – the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco – with US support.

In 2021, Sudan also expressed its readiness to join the agreements as part of an agreement that would open this once the biggest country in Africa (before the secession of South Sudan in the summer of 2011) the way to US financial assistance and exclusion from the US ‘black list’ of state sponsors of terrorism. However, so far Khartoum has not signed an agreement due to disagreements between the military and civilian authorities on the issue of normalizing relations with Israel, the newspaper writes.

A series of meetings between Israeli and Sudanese officials over the past few weeks at US urging has cleared the way for a deal.

The move would end decades of feuding with one of Israel’s fiercest adversaries. At the same time, the publication emphasizes that reports of Khartoum’s readiness to establish diplomatic relations with Israel still need to be officially confirmed.