North Korea has denounced a plan by South Korea and the US to stage their joint annual military drills in August, warning that they could face a “catastrophic aftermath” if they carry out the exercise, Report informs referring to The Korea Times.

The Ulchi Freedom Shield (UFS) by Seoul and Washington is a “nuclear attack exercise” against Pyongyang that will involve state-of-the-art military equipment, including nuclear strategic assets, according to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA).

In December 2023, South Korea and the US agreed to hold a discussion-based exercise simulating North Korea’s use of a nuclear weapon in conjunction with the UFS. It would mark the first time such training takes place.

“The joint military exercise slated for August aims to complete the US’ nuclear war plan … and fully implement it. This clearly shows that Washington’s claim that it has no hostile intent is nothing but a deceptive hypocrisy,” the KCNA said.

In a separate KCNA dispatch, the North also denounced the latest joint air combat drills between advanced South Korean and US stealth fighters.

The exercise, involving two South Korean F-35As and two US F-22 Raptors, took place over a central region in South Korea on Thursday, after the US aircraft arrived in the country earlier this week.