Azerbaijan boasts vast tourism potential due to its diverse natural landscapes and rich cultural heritage, reads an article by Travel And Tour World, Report informs.

“The country’s tourist hotspots range from the Caspian shores to the scenic Mugan and Karabakh plains, lush forests, and historical monuments. Its diverse climate zones enhance its allure as a multifaceted destination,” the author wrote.

“In response to growing demand for eco-tourism, Azerbaijan is constructing a significant winter sports complex in the Qusar District of northeastern Azerbaijan, featuring a 30 km ski slope and a 9 km cableway. This project, benefiting from the expertise of French and Austrian specialists, is attracting keen interest from tourists, especially those from France and Germany, who are eager to explore Azerbaijan’s natural settings,” reads the article.

“The Azerbaijani tourism sector is experiencing a resurgence, with a 35% surge in foreign visitors during the first five months of 2024, totaling 965,555 tourists.