An event celebrating the Independence Day of Azerbaijan was held in the Parliament of Canada under the joint organization of the Vatan Azerbaijan Art and Culture Center and Nigar Aliyeva, the founder of the Karabakh Azerbaijani language school in Ottawa, Report informs.

Members of the Canadian parliament Chandra Arya, Yasir Naqvi, officials of the Canadian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, members of the Azerbaijani diaspora, including the Karabakh weekend school operating in Ottawa and the Gizilbash Global Heritage Organization, as well as other communities, and employees of the Azerbaijani State Committee for Work with Diaspora participated in the event.

Speaking at the event, Lalin Hasanova, head of Vatan Azerbaijan Art and Culture Center and executive director of Azerbaijan House in Toronto, thanked guests and Canadian parliament member Chandra Arya, who had a special role in the organization of the event.

Chandra Arya expressed satisfaction with the increasing activity of the Azerbaijani community in the social and cultural life of Canada. Chandra Arya, who visited Azerbaijan last year, drew attention to the high level of religious tolerance and multicultural values in Azerbaijan. Remembering the history of Azerbaijan’s Independence, he highlighted the creation of the first democratic state in the Muslim East and the rights granted to women.

Department head of the State Committee, Selhat Abbasova, expressed her gratitude to Chandra Arya, who made it possible to hold an event in the Parliament of Canada on the occasion of May 28 – Independence Day, in support of the initiative of the Canadian Azerbaijani community. Abbasova spoke about the development of modern Azerbaijan as a secular state highly valuing multiculturalism and international law as the successor of the Democratic Republic.

Guests showed great interest in the exhibits reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Azerbaijan during the event.