The exhibition headlined “Masterpieces of history”, which includes Azerbaijani and Eastern collections in the National Museum of Georgia, is underway at the Heydar Aliyev Center.

Report informs that the exposition demonstrating nearly 300 showpieces divides into three sections: ancient Azerbaijani art created and collected during the Gajar dynasty, household item collection and paintings from the Sardar palace complex of the Iravan Khanate and photo documents from the archive of Russian photographer Dmitri Yermakov.

The most ancient art samples of Gajar epoch are mainly represented in the exhibition with world-famous oil paintings, miniatures, ceramics, metal products, textile and carpets dating to the period of Fatali Shah whose portrait is also exhibited.

The exhibition also features six oil masterpiece paintings of Mirza Gadim Iravani, the founder of Azerbaijani panel picture, ornament and portrait master who had a great influence on Azerbaijani fine arts.

Traditional costumes and items of the Azerbaijani people living in different regions of the South Caucasus, as well as ethnographic collection consisting of furniture patterns, vases and other everyday life attributes are also among the archaeological remains found in the Sardar Palace of the Iravan Khanate.

The exhibition also features a collection of photographs by Yermakov, who worked as a military topographer and later participated in the Russia-Ottoman War.

Notably, the exhibition will last until October 6.

PHOTOS by Sultana Ahmadbayli