The successful combat operations and precise fire by the Azerbaijani Army against the Armenian Armed Forces resulted in panic in the Armenian society and chaos, mass desertion and arbitrariness in the Armenian army, according to the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan

“According to the reports, there are disputes between the volunteers and the military personnel of the Armenia’ army units and some use weapons against each other, refuse to enter the battles, withdraw from positions without orders and mass desertion was observed in the military units. The dispute among the servants led to an armed confrontation. Casualties reported.

The higher command was informed that the personnel moving in the direction of Sos settlement of Khojavend region refused to obey the command and left the area. The measures taken to return the servicemen to their positions were ineffective. Soldiers of the 543rd Regiment of the Armenian Armed Forces refused to go to Nagorno-Karabakh. Military prosecutors, who rushed to the military unit, threatened to arrest the servicemen who refused to go to war and forced them to sign an undertaking to perform any combat mission. A similar incident took place in a military unit stationed in the Koti settlement of Armenia. The servicemen were arrested by the military police for refusing to go to war. Despite all the sanctions, the leadership of the Armenian Defense Ministry is powerless to prevent those who refuse to go to Nagorno-Karabakh.

The reason for the mass withdrawal of Armenian servicemen from the battles is the video footage of the Azerbaijani Army’s victories on the battlefield and the destruction of a large number of military equipment and manpower as a result of accurate fire strikes on the enemy”, the ministry stated.