Masaa combines Arabic poetry with contemporary Jazz, East and West enter a lyrical liason unheard of before in its conclusiveness.

Masaa has been awarded the Bremer Jazzpreis in 2012 as well as the audience award of Creole in 2013 and the Förder-RUTH of the Rudolstadt-Festival in 2015. Right from the start the ensemble has made an effort to carry their work out into the world: Masaa performed successfully in Eastern Africa and Lahoud’s homeland Lebanon. In 2015 the quartet teamed up with Israeli singer Yael Deckel- baum and sent out a sign to support the peace process between Jewish and Arabic culture.

Starting from 2019 Masaa will reinvent their sound and personnel. For Pianist Clemens Christian Poetzsch the guitar player Reentko Dirks will join the band. Reentko is an extraordinarily versatile player of the double-neck acoustic guitar moving freely between Classical, Pop and World Music. Constantly exploring new sounds of the acoustic guitar Reentko and his unique style will shape the music of Masaa from now on.

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18 – 27 OCTOBER 2019

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