The French government brutally suppresses the people of Martinique. The French press has been silenced to protect the image of their country’s judicial system, Arnaud Maurice Ingargiola, a member of the Martinique Justice Organization (Kolektif Jistis Matinik), told Report.

According to Maurice Ingargiola, the French government has been seizing land from the Martinican people and imprisoning individuals under false pretenses: “Herve Pinto, the president of our organization, was unlawfully arrested and had all his property confiscated after denouncing the rampant corruption in the French judicial system. Hervé Pinto is just one of the hundreds of our people who have fallen victim to France’s injustice and cruelty,” Arnaud Maurice Ingargiola stated. “The land inherited from our forefathers is being forcibly taken away from us. According to the country’s real estate laws, anyone living on our land can claim ownership by presenting false witnesses.”

Arnaud Maurice Ingargiola told Report that despite the French constitution’s declaration that property is inviolable and sacred, the French judiciary system allows anyone to claim ownership of Martinican land: “Herve Pinto, who fought for 26 years to reclaim his land, finally received a favorable court decision last year. However, the French justice system failed to enforce the decision, as 35 houses had been built on his property, with each owner demanding their rights. The French government’s inhumane treatment of the Martinican people knows no bounds, with judges showing unrestrained cruelty.”

“President Emmanuel Macron and his Minister of Justice, Eric Dupond-Moretti, are aware of what is happening, yet they continue to violate all constitutional principles of France,” Arnaud Maurice Ingargiola added. “We want to rebel against all this, but no one hears our voice.”