Azerbaijan Friendship Group in the Parliament of Malaysia has issued a statement condemning the attacks launched by the Armenian armed forces against Azerbaijan on September 27.

The friendship group urged the Armenian government to avoid every single attempt violating basic imperatives of international law, as well as the fundamental demands of international humanitarian documents.

“Avoiding use of force and considering power of diplomatic efforts, the Armenian governemnt must promptly follow constructive negotiations to achieve peaceful settlement of the conflict with Azerbaijan,” read the statement.

“All members of our friendship group deeply regret that Armenia’s above-mentioned offensive is not only against peace and prosperity in the region of South Caucasus, but also undermines Malaysia’s very recent initiative dated June 23, 2OZO by achieving support of 171United Nations Member States, to launch a “statement of Support to the UN Secretary-Generat’s Appeal for a Global Ceasefire amid the COVID-19 Pandemic” targeting international cooperation and mutual trust,” the statement said.