The first National Urban Forum of Azerbaijan helps specialists in this field exchange experience, the head of the Society of Polish Town Planners Tomasz Majda told Report.

“The forum is attended by experts from many countries, and this can be a great opportunity to implement new projects,” Majda said.

According to him, on the first day of the forum in Aghdam, its participants could see all the destruction with their own eyes.

“There’s a lot of destruction there, and it’s a big loss. Priorities must be determined to restore these territories,” he added.

The Azerbaijan National Urban Forum, which brings together more than 130 representatives from 44 countries, more than 400 people in total, will create a new opportunity for international and multilateral cooperation on urban regeneration, identify problems to overcome crises in urban areas, and play the role of a platform for knowledge sharing and experience to discuss solutions. The Azerbaijan National Urban Development Forum, held for the first time in Azerbaijan in the city of Aghdam, is a rare and successful platform for the exchange of experience of profile specialists from around the world in the field of urban development and expansion of cooperation to ensure sustainable development.