French President Emmanuel Macron has begun to justify his statement about sending European armed forces to Ukraine, saying that the country has no plans to send its troops in the near future.

According to Report, he stated this in an interview with the Czech portal Novinky before his visit to Prague on March 5.

This is how he responded to the wave of international reaction caused last week by one of his statements about the conflict in Ukraine during a meeting with 26 heads of state in Paris.

“In response to a question I was asked about the deployment of troops, I said that nothing is ruled out. This does not mean that we are considering the possibility of sending French troops to Ukraine in the near future,” Macron said.

Meanwhile, readers of the French portal Le Figaro discussed his attempts to justify himself.

“Russians, he can say anything else right now, but no one will take him seriously,” a reader says.

Those commenting also pointed out that Macron’s opinion changes every two days, asking what will happen tomorrow.