Commission heads and secretaries of the Parliament of French Polynesia (Mā’ohi Nui – in the local language), as well as the leadership of the country’s ruling Tavini Huiraʻatira party, embarked on a visit to Azerbaijan on May 29, Report informs.

The purpose of the four-day visit is to review the possibilities of establishing cooperation between Azerbaijan and French Polynesia in inter-parliamentary, economic, humanitarian, as well as science, education, sports, health and other fields. In this regard, it is planned to hold meetings in Azerbaijans’ Milli Majlis (Parliament), as well as other state and private institutions.

Within the framework of the visit, the Milli Majlis will also host a conference themed “French Polynesia’s right to decolonization: challenges and perspectives”.

The visit of the delegation of French Polynesia took place at the invitation of the Baku Initiative Group (BIG), which works in the field of fighting colonialism and its new manifestations in the 21st century. The visit is organized in accordance with the provisions of the agreement on cooperation signed between the BIG and the Tavini Huiraʻatira party within the framework of the international conference themed “The Path to decolonization: Consequences of assimilation and its implications for the realization of human rights”, organized by the BIG at the Vienna Office of the UN on April 30 of this year.

The Tavini Huiraʻatira party has been fighting for the independence of French Polynesia from France for many years.