Soon, the situation regarding the signing of a comprehensive peace treaty may move from the “deadlock”, said Leonid Slutsky, chairman of the international affairs committee of the Russian State Duma, leader of the LDPR party, Report informs.

He noted that the local anti-terror measures recently carried out by Azerbaijan in the Karabakh region are its internal affairs.

According to him, a new historical stage began on September 20 and Azerbaijan finally restored its sovereignty: “In his statement in Prague, the Armenian Prime Minister, Nikol Pashinyan, recognized Karabakh as the integral part of Azerbaijan. It means that local anti-terror measures were carried out in the sovereign territory of Azerbaijan.”

“From the political and historical point of view, it is possible and important to say that this issue has been put to an end,” Slutsky noted.

Slutsky said that issues such as reintegration of the Armenian population, security, implementation of infrastructure and economic projects in this area are already on the agenda and will continue to be on the agenda.