US law enforcement agencies, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, are directly responsible for making the violent assault on the Capitol possible on January 6, 2021, because they made a number of missteps and did not use intelligence to prepare the riots, Tim Heaphy, a former US Attorney who served as Chief Investigative Counsel for the House January 6th Committee to study the circumstances of the assault, told NBC TV on February 1, Report informs via TASS.

Law enforcement agencies are most directly involved in the security flaws that led to the violence, he said.

Heaphy added that he agreed with the commission that former President Donald Trump provoked the riots, but urged not to downplay the role of federal law enforcement mistakes that allowed the riots to become serious.

Trump was the direct cause of what happened, if not for his words and actions, this would not have happened. However, what happened at the Capitol was also affected by the inability of law enforcement agencies to use the extensive intelligence information that they had before January 6, he explained.

The information available was quite specific and it was enough for the authorities to do their job better, Heaphy noted.