Azerbaijan is a country that plays a vital role in Europe’s energy security through the Southern Gas Corridor, adviser to the US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Diplomacy in the Bureau of Energy Resources Laura Lochman said during the meeting with the Minister of Energy Parviz Shahbazov.

Shahbazov talked about the application of the successful experience of the Advisory Council on the Southern Gas Corridor in the field of green energy this year. The minister reported on the progress of the processes related to the supply of green energy from Azerbaijan to Europe, along with increasing the supply through the Southern Gas Corridor. The importance of accelerating the necessary processes and joint cooperation for the expansion of the corridor until 2027 was noted.

It was also stated that Azerbaijan, Georgia, Romania, and Hungary cooperate in the field of development and transmission of green energy, and the transfer of renewable energy resources of the Caspian Sea in the form of electricity and green hydrogen to Europe is being considered.