Latvia is particularly interested in the fields of construction and other restoration projects in Azerbaijan’s Karabakh, according to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Latvia.

“Latvian Embassy, together with our partners in Riga, is continuing to inform Latvian companies about the process of rebuilding recovered territories – the creation of green energy zones, water and waste management, the construction of infrastructure, the design of buildings, as well as the restoration of historical and cultural monuments,” the source said.

According to the ministry, Latvian business community follows the development processes and seeks to identify the possible forms of cooperation in the restoration work.

Regarding the implementation of green energy projects on the liberated lands, the ministry noted that there is understanding on both Latvian and Azerbaijani sides of the importance of strengthening and expanding bilateral cooperation in the energy sector. A further sharing of experience and information between both sides in the energy sector and on energy regulation issues is essential for the implementation of common projects.

As the MFA noted, Latvia sees potential for fruitful cooperation with Azerbaijan in renewable energy sector.

“Ensuring investments in sustainable energy capacities, notably wind- and solar-based generation, are perceived as a strategic priority in cooperation with Azerbaijan. There is a huge potential in the areas of research and development, knowledge transfer and technological exchange, as well as solar installation development”, the source added.