The next trial on the criminal case of Karapetyan Rafik Robertovich, Qoloyan Gurgen Hovannesovic, Tadevosyan Hrayr Seryojevic, Maloyan Vagarsak Merojanovic, Yegiazaryan Sasun Seyranovic, Vardanyan Arsene Araikovic, Bahrikyan Vahagen Edikovic, Sogomonyan Setrak Samvelovic, Dilanyan Arman Vazgenovic, Martoyan Manuk Hovanesovic, Ambardanyan Mels Karapetovic, Mikaelyan Andranik Vazgenovic, and Gregorian Felix Arshakovich – the members of Armenian armed groups, who committed terrorist acts in the country is continued in the Baku Court of Grave Crimes.

According to Report, the lawyers of the detainees spoke at the trial chaired by Judge Azad Majidov.

The lawyers said that their clients were not the direct subject of the crime. They were deceived by the Armenian military-political leadership and brought to the Hadrut settlement of the Khojavand. The lawyers demanded that the accused be acquitted and deported to their countries.

Then the accused were given the last word.

The defendants said they regret their actions and asked for an acquittal.