Projects targeting vulnerable groups should lead to sustainable job creation, not be one-off, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population of Azerbaijan Sahil Babayev told a seminar in Baku, Report informs.

“Let’s first provide these people with jobs so that they can earn and provide for their own well-being,” he said.

The minister noted that there are still certain shortcomings related to the provision of support to persons from vulnerable groups.

“It is necessary to strive to ensure that social support projects are fairly divided. Three separate institutions provide support to one family, one person, while no one provides support to another family in the same situation, all because there is no full coordination. Therefore, it was important to create the right coordination structures, a common information database. Such a database already exists. This database contains a list of 300,000 people, who were provided with support in 2020-2021. There are still shortcomings and the joint activities are one of the main goals to overcome it”.